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Food Lovers​


 You love food.  We want to make this experience as easy as it can be with your hectic schedule.  Call us by 5:00 pm and we will have it FRESH the next day.  Choose from our homemade Main Meals and side dishes.  Just heat and eat.  It's that easy.

Try our Sauces

Our sauces, salad dressings, and marinades come from our 25+ years in the restaurant business.  They're all homemade with no preservatives.  We're sure you'll love 'em!

             Hours of Operation                        

     Monday-Friday  11am-5:30pm

Closed on weekends!


      Please call if you're running late.  

 We'll Wait!!

 We have, along the way, run across hard to get dry foods, spices, coffees, and a few other fun things.  Add these to your order, or we can make a gift box for that someone who has done something nice for you.

        In the Pantry




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